Filippo Trapella

Brief info

Born and raised in Bologna, Italy (hometown of lasagna and tortellini!), I grew up under my grandmother’s table, helping her make fresh pasta for our Sunday feasts with the family.
Having the chance to live in Bologna, one of the most worldwide foodie paradises, gave me a huge food imprinting: Tortellini, Bolognese sauce, lasagna. Walking around its historic district, the first impression is that there are more food places than apartments!
My studies brought me to Florence, in Tuscany, where I shared an old apartment near downtown with six other dudes... oh men, good old times! Florence is a capital of food as well: if Bologna is the queen of fresh pasta, meat reigns in Florence. There, I learned to appreciate Florentine steak, slow-cooked meat, intense flavors, excellent raw materials, and some of the best wines in the world. The century-old history of Florence goes hand in hand with its culinary tradition.
My passion for food stems from my curiosity, which led me to visit almost all continents (I still miss Oceania, but I hope to fill that gap soon!). During my trips, I discovered the power of food: how it can get people closer, distress the most critical situations, and disclose to a country and its people.
In July 2013, I moved to the US with my wife Caterina. And this was the beginning of a whole new adventure. Being a foreigner new to the local culture, every culinary experience is an exciting discovery. And when I feel homesick, I can still find most of my familiar ingredients, thanks to an increasing import of excellent quality products from Italy.
I have been living in Athens, Georgia, since August 2016, and I keep following my passion for food and have the opportunity to share my experience with Italian cuisine.

Looking forward to cooking with you!