Who are these classes for?

These cooking classes are for curious food lovers who would like to discover the real Italian “Cucina Casalinga”—the family cooking style we use when preparing a Sunday lunch in Italy. As a born and raised Italian Chef, I created these courses to share my experience and my family tradition.

We’ll cook together, recreating original Italian flavors, which are very difficult to find outside of Italy.

All the classes are available for people over 21 years old. We kindly ask that guests refrain from signing up children for our events. Due to the length of the event and adult-friendly menus, our dinners are suited for adults.

Who are these classes NOT for?

These classes are not for someone looking for a professional training: the first intent of our courses is to recreate a family atmosphere.

Are the classes in English?

Yes! Well… since English is not my first language, I hope you will understand if I have any uncertainty: take it as a proof of authenticity!

Where do the experiences take place?

In your place: the Chef will travel to your place for you.

Which specifics the kitchen that will host the class must satisfy?

The clients must provide a full standard kitchen with a working range and at least 4 burners. Please, make sure to have enough space on the countertop to comfortably prepare the ingredients and allow all clients to participate and enjoy the class. For instance, when preparing fresh pasta, we need space to let the flattered dough rest, and the possibility to connect the electric mixer to knead the dough.

Please save some space in your fridge for preparations that need resting and for possible leftovers.

How many people can attend an event?

In order to let all the participants enjoy the event, our cooking classes are purposely sized for 4-6 persons maximum. This gives everyone a chance to participate, ask questions, and get a full understanding of the recipes. The minimum number of guests to reserve a class is 4 participants.

Will the cooking class menu be the same for every guest?

The chosen cooking class must be the same for all participants. The menus cannot be modified because of the timing and the pairing of the ingredients.

Please note that Athens Pasta Lovers reserves the right to modify class menus at any time due to ingredient availability or seasonality.

What if I have food allergies or I have any diet restrictions?

Please carefully review the menu for your class. Please note that we use Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Soy, Dairy, Eggs, Wheat, and other ingredients that account for most known allergens. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

All our menus, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten friendly, are not suitable for people with severe allergies and diet limitations. We use our set of pots and pans for all our preparations, and we work in different kitchens exposed to different ingredients: we can not ensure the perfect sterilization of the entire process.

Is there a suggested dress code?

To enjoy the class safely, we suggest wearing comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting a little bit messy. We also recommend wearing flat, comfortable shoes. We discourage wearing open-toed shoes or sandals. Long hair should be pulled back. Unless local ordinance requires it, face masks are optional for employees or customers.

Who brings the necessary to cook and serve?

The Chef will bring all the pans, pots, and ingredients to prepare the recipes. The Chef will also bring bamboo serving plates and cutlery to sample the dishes. If the clients prefer, they can use their own dishware.

Can I keep the leftovers?

If the clients would like to save some leftovers: proper food care and storage will be their responsibility.

Can I drink wine or other beverages during the class?

Our class and events are BYOB. All the beverages, including alcohol and the legal drinking age of any single student, are the client’s responsibility. Please understand that drinking alcohol may increase your risk of injury while cooking.

Can I book a class if I live outside of the Oconee and Clarke County borders?

We are working to expand our operating range, but at the moment we cannot offer classes outside the Oconee and Clarke Counties, Georgia.

If you have any other question, please contact me at